Hello and welcome back to my brand new CD-R trading zone. Revamped and updated, I promise that this page will bring you up to date reviews about every show I obtain. I have introduced a new grading system, a new format, and some new rules, so please read ahead if you're new to my page or if you've been here before

Before you even approach me for a trade, please look at my want and coming soon lists. I am open to just about any trade as long as I like the group and I don't have nor expect the show.   Please be honest on quality. If it sounds like crap, chances are I'll trade anyways. If it's MP3 sourced, let me know, I'lll still trade with you. I am a collector of live shows, so I will take just about anything you have to offer.

I trade only in the CD-R format. I have no need for cassettes any longer. If you have some videos, we'll work something out. I want to get into VHS, but right now I only have a slight handful of vids and no way to copy them into optimal format. Don't use see-through CD's. I hate them. Also, you can write the group, location, and date of the show on the CD. No labels please. If you need the source of show, I will try my best to find it. Some shows no one really knows where they came from. Artwork is not needed, but if you have some, I'll accept it and maybe post it on my site if I like it. Also, please send all show in a protective sleeve and via Priority Mail, and I would ask that you do not try to rip me off. If you do I'll have your address and maybe even your phone number. Your name will be posted on this site under the bad traders section and your address, e-mail, and maybe your phone number will be posted there too.

If you don't have anything to trade me, don't be afraid to ask for a show. I will give anyone a show who can produce the number of CD-R's needed to burn the amount of shows wanted. Example: You want two 2CD shows, you send me 4 CD-R's through the mail, I burn them and mail them back. In this case, I will ship 1rst class instead of Priority since I am basically doing you a favor. I WILL NOT SELL any bootlegs from now on to anybody. I have lost deals because of selling in the past and I refuse to loose a deal again due to it.

I promise to you, the consumer, that I will deliver my shows promptly and with no flaws. If there is any reason you feel a show is bad due to my mistake, please e-mail me and we will work something out. If a show is damaged in shipping, I will replace it at my cost. I will also replace any defective shows at my cost. I do not screw people over because too many have done it to me. Feel free to ask questions about any show I have, I will answer you promptly.

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I return........... NIN..... With Teeth..... shows posted soon......im not dead.

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